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Middle Fork

The Cosumnes River is a beautiful place for guests to enjoy.  Starting about half way down the back access road guests will find one of the rest benches with the marker for Middle Fork. This is one hike where you will want to take your walking stick. One of the more steeper trails it is worth the energy when you get to the bottom and see the dramatic views of the Cosumnes River.

This part of the river was very active throughout the gold rush era of California.  From the mid-1800's miners have used panning, cradle and sluice to recover gold from the miles of river.  Explore the river's edge and you will find stone walls and even the remnants of one small building built into the side of the mountain.

Remember to check the area before you leave to ensure you have everything carried with you.  We don't want to deface the majestic beauty of the river and it is a long hike back to retrieve a phone or glasses.

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